Generac 4000xl Generator Specification

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This Generac 4000xl Generator have a pretty good quality. This unit has low noise and is also equipped with a fuel control at idle to save fuel when the load generators were not given.

What I like is Generac generator with oil under pressure, which is a function of pressure flow of oil to all working parts of motor generators.


For the electronics section, this Generac 4000xl unit has an automatic voltage regulator is a sensitive electronic device and, of course, can automatically adapt to the heavier loads.

Aas the next section, It is a feature found in the mechanical parts. :

  • Automatic voltage regulator – for sensitive electronics
  • OHV design
  • Illuminated control panel
  • Low oil warning light
  • Hours meter

Generac 4000xl Generator

Generac 4000xl Generator Review

It Generac 4000xl Generator also offer an illuminated panel, and low oil protection which will be closed if oil drops below a preset level. Also comes with hour meter, so you can continue to watch when he wants the oil or other maintenance, and fully focused on operations.

A power bar even monitor how many watts are used and how much you have left again.

Detail for Generac 4000XL specification :

  • 7.8 HP motor
  • 86 dB at 3 1 / 2 feet of 73 dB to 23 1 / 2 feet
  • Weighs 119 pounds
  • Two 120V (15A) sockets
  • One 120V (30A) sockets
  • One 120V/240V (20A) socket
  • A 12 V DC (10A)
  • 33.3/16.6 amps

A alternator on this Generac 4000xl Generator generates a clear waveform and it has really great voltage regulations. A surge total capacity is 6.6 KW – fairly incredible to get a 4 KW product. A 4.5 gallon gas tank is stated to operate the generator for 14 hrs at 1 / 2 of rated energy (have not tested this, however it appears really frugual).


Around 10 amps with 12VDC power also is accessible for charging an outside battery power; a internal battery is charged using a different circuit. Each 120VAC and 240VAC outlets are bundled – Not like numerous less expensive types, this 120VAC side is totally effective at supplying the generator’s full 4KW rated energy through only one circuit on Generac 4000xl Generator.

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